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Meet our Bike Tour Guides:


Dan Corbett:

Half-way through obtaining his bachelor’s degree in music, Dan Corbett decided to buy a bicycle and ride 7,000km across Canada. The experience stripped him to his emotional core and dictated the immediate course of his life. He has since pushed pedals on the surfaces of more than fifteen countries, many riding solo, and just as many guiding groups. To Dan, the only thing more painful/delightful/rewarding than an epic mountain pass by bicycle is an extended period of sitting meditation.

Dan guides tours anywhere it’s warm. He winters in Halifax, NS, playing music, baking bread, distilling moonshine, and sitting on a cushion.

Kara Walsh:

Kara is warm, funny, and compassionate. After years of guiding active tours, she says, “One week can inspire and change a person’s life forever.” From local sources and time spent exploring she has found the “treasures” of where to guide people so they can be “taken” by the real Italy.

Her passion is to offer trips that bring adventurous, life-loving people together and engage in the best possible activities of the region while leaving space for “la dolce far niente” (sweet doing nothing).

Why Italy? …”Italy feels like a return to home. Perhaps it’s the entitlement to pleasure and enjoyment or the respected, welcoming mother figure or the soft earth so deeply revered by its people that graciously offers the most flavorful harvests – I’ve yet to name it, but that is also the intrigue.

“Kara is the real deal. A beautiful soul, she embodies the qualities you want in a tour guide– warm, connective and sensible. You will have an experience that is both invigorating and calming at the same time. The perfect escape from modern life!“Jeff Brown


Meet Our Local Wine Guides:

Sandro Minelli: 

Born in Turin, Sandro began his career as a guide in the national parks until, in search of new experiences, he moved to the United States where he worked at the New York Italian restaurants and wine bars. Here he started to organize seminars and events with Piemontese wine and food producers and this experience has enabled him to know the genuine passion of local wine producers and their strong links with their homeland and its traditions.

Realizing how food and wine are the best way to bring people of different cultures and having realized that the best way to learn about a culture is to live it every day in person, Sandro decided to move in the Langhe, ancient heart Piemonte. Here he began to organize guided tours, tastings and cooking workshops and wine-making for food professionals and tour operators, as well as gourmets and food lovers.

These experiences are then driven to rediscover their hometown, where the aristocratic tradition of the ancient coffee merged with the colorful kaleidoscope of flavors introduced by migration from all over the world.

Sandro is a professional tour guide and member of FISAR, ONAV and ONA.


Marco and Stefano Pisoni:Cantina Pisoni-1124

Cousins and keen wine enthusiasts, Marco and Stefano of the Pisoni winery have spent, and still more than ever today spend their time cultivating the land with love, respect, dedication and enthusiasm. Their daily work is characterised by the slow pace of rural life and ancient farming methods.

If you want to talk biodynamic food and wine these are your men! The passion they exude for their art and craft is truly contagious.

They trained at the Istituto Agrario di San Michele all’Adige (Agricultural Institute) and have always adopted environmentally friendly agricultural techniques at Azienda Agricola in Pergolese, using biodynamic farming methods to produce entirely natural wines.



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