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Can One Week Change Your Life?

Do you ever crave a chance to unwind and escape the grind of ‘utility living’ and have an amazing adventure?  When was the last time you soaked in the richness and sweetness of life? 

There is an art to experiencing pleasure, let Italy, and Kara Mia Travel Adventures, show you how its done. You will see life anew again and marvel at all it has to offer.


 “Kara had a way of making everyone feel welcome and accommodated from the start. I took an instant liking to her, as did most of our group, and her engaging presence spawned a warm camaraderie in this pack of former strangers. I still cherish the friends I made that summer”.

Greg W.


Discover Your Italy, Your Way

Many travel tours run on fixed schedules and don’t allow for much free time, making it hard to savor the moment.

Kara Mia tours honors the Italian philosophy that life must be savored. Days are a balance of pleasure and beauty, as you engage in wine tasting, cooking classes, walking and dining amidst breath-taking sights and Roman ruins, all the while learning about the art of wine-making from our local friends and artisans.

This week will help you to rediscover your natural rhythms and teach you the joys of tasting wine in one of the most beautiful, heart-warming countries in the world.

Let Italy Be Your Teacher.

Let Kara Mia Be Your Guide.

Sunshine and sweet, ripe tomatoes. Full-bodied wines. Rolling hills and olive groves. Warm, welcoming people, and stunning antiquities await you.

Come, take time for YOU. Sit on a bench,  cappuccino in hand, soak in the vista.  Join in on some morning stretching or simply close your eyes and listen to the sing-song of the Italian language.

This is the quality of Kara Mia tours; easy, delightful, spontaneous and carefree (knowing the details are handled!)

Italy will show you how to fall in love again, with yourself, with life, with others. Italy makes no apologies for pleasure and joy and we want to help you find your Italy.




There’s nothing we would rather do than consult with you about your perfect trip. Call or email today!